Ex Battalion Music Management Debunks Plagiarism Allegations Against Skusta Clee, Flow G

Ex Battalion Music Management debunked the plagiarism allegations against Skusta Clee and Flow G.

Ex Battalion Music Management released an official statement debunking the plagiarism allegations against Skusta Clee and Flow G.

This, after BTS fans accused Skusta Clee and Flow G for allegedly plagiarizing “Ddaeng”.

Ex Battalion Music Management
Photo: Ex Battalion Music / YouTube

According to a previous report on allkpop, Skusta Clee changed the privacy of his Twitter account to private due to this issue.

On the other hand, Flow G released a statement on his personal Facebook account regarding the said allegation, saying that he used “generic flow”, “generic words”, and “generic beat” that he made with Flip-D for the promotion video of his own clothing brand.


In a report on GMA Entertainment, Ex Battalion Music Management on Wednesday clarified in a statement that “Deym – 90’s Gang” — the song in question — used a “generic triplet flow”, which wasn’t owned by anyone as they’re of public domain.

The management also said that other international artists — including Quavo and A$AP Rocky — used the said cadence over the years.

We would like to point out that the context of these songs is different and ‘vibe’ is subjective. Parallel thinking among artists do happen and it cannot be avoided“, the management said.

Moreover, the management said that “Deym – 90’s Gang” and “Ddaeng” were “inherently different” even though these tracks sound similar.

The management explained that the beats-per-minute (bpm) of these songs differ as one was more or less 6-8 bpm faster than the other one.

In addition, each of these songs also used different chord patterns because the producers of these songs were different.

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