Dianne Medina Shares How She Responds To Meanest Comments

Dianne Medina shared how she responded to meanest comments.

Dianne Medina shared in the interview about how she responded to meanest comments on her Instagram posts during her pregnancy.

In a phone interview last October 1, 2020, Dianne told PEP.ph that mean comments were left on her posts on Instagram during her pregnancy — and that made her think about the possible effects of social media on personal lives.

Photos: Dianne Medina / Instagram

According to her, social media did something different as if there were a lot of comments that can be thrown at you and it seemed like people did the right thing to just judge you in any way they can.

Dianne added that other people had the opportunity to believe them even if a certain comment wasn’t true.

Also, Dianne revealed that there were a lot of times that she was bashed for her pregnancy weight gain on her Instagram account.

According to her, a lot of people from social media bashed her with how she looked when she was pregnant at that time.

The harsh comments that she received would be, according to Dianne, “hindi na ako nakilala sobrang laki, sobrang taba, ang pangit-pangit ko, ako daw pinakapangit na artistang nagbuntis”, and a lot more.

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Dianne also said that she didn’t erase those comments. However, Dianne said that there’s a certain comment that made her husband furious.

Moreover, Dianne advised bashers that they can just unfollow her and not comment on her posts.

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