Concerned Netizen Looks for Dog Fosterer After Pet Owner Passes Away

Concerned Netizen Searching for Dog Fosterer After Its Master Passes Away

A concerned netizen is currently looking for a dog fosterer after its original owner working as junk collector passes away.

A Facebook user named Rg Olay Serquiña has shared the heartbreaking photos of poor dog whose master has been robbed and killed. The post is now circulating online and elicit comments from the netizens.

Serquiña reported that a junk collector collecting bottles, newspapers, and other junks has been robbed and killed by an unidentified suspects. The latter’s demise left his dog lost and homeless.

Concerned Netizen

Rg Olay said that he saw the dog left alone after her master passed away due to the crime. He is now looking for a fosterer or adopter for the dog hoping that the poor pet could find her new home.

The poor dog can be found along Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, Quezon City near ABS-CBN, according to Serquiña.

Concerned Netizen
Concerned Netizen

Here is the full post:

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May God bless us all 

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Looking for a fosterer or adopter for this dog.
May owner siya na lolo na may kariton at nagbobote at dyaryo. She is his guard dog sa kanilang kariton na may payong para may silungan kapag umuulan.
Nakikita namin sila tuwing umaga kapag nag walk kami ng dogs namin.

Unfortunately, may heartless na tao pumatay sa kanyang amo at sila din ay pinagnakawan pa and she is now left alone. 😭💔💔
Kawawa naman siya baka may manakit din sa kanya.

Hopefully, you can help save her and rescue the dog po.
Sana magkaroon siya ng fur-ever home 🥺

Location: along Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, QC (near ABS-CBN)

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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