Always Wearing Headphones/Earphones? Here Are Some Tips To Protect Our Ears

Here Are Some Tips To Protect Our Ears From Long-Term Using of Headphones/Earphones

Always hearing headphones or earphones for a couple of hours? Here are some useful tips to care and protect our ears.

Nowadays, a lot of people especially call center agents, BPO employees, and students are using headphones for a long-period of time. Employees uses earpieces for work while students are using it during their online classes.

Even ordinary Filipino people are using ear pieces when watching videos, listening to music, playing games, and when attending zoom meetings.

However, long-term use of headphone may cause a negative impact to the user’s hearing. It might cause ear infections or hearing impairment, according to ENT specialist Dr. Eduardo Tanlapco.

Here are some useful tips on how to care for our ears especially when using headphone for a long-period of time:

  • Clean ear devices regularly by wiping it with a clean cloth and alcohol
  • Give ears a break from using headphones from time to time
  • Users are advised to use headphones for only one hour per day
  • The health experts advise users to use up to 60 percent of the device’s maximum volume
  • Headphones are more recommended rather than earphones
  • Experts recommends to use both ear pieces instead of using one only

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