Kind-Hearted Cop Gives Food to Starving Lady Vendor & Son

Kind-Hearted Cop Earns Praises Online After Buying Food for Starving Lady Vendor and Son

The online community lauded a kind-hearted cop who bought food and gave it to a starving lady and her son in front of a convenience store.

The Facebook page “ABS-CBN News” has shared the inspiring photo of a kind policeman who gave food to poor lady vendor and her hungry son. The photo earns praises and admiration from the netizens.

A Bayan Patroller named Janet Samson Morta saw the lady vendor and her kid selling cigarettes and candies beside the road. Morta said that police approached the female vendor and asked her why she is scolding her son.

Kind-Hearted Cop

Police Corporal Jayson delos Reyes learned that the vendor did not earn yet and discovered that the kid is already hungry. The cop bought food from a ‘carinderia’ and gave it to the poor lady and its little boy.

Delos Reyes also encouraged the public to help the less-fortunate people without hesitation and expecting anything in return.

Huwag magdalawang-isip na tumulong sa mga nangangailangan kahit sa maliit na paraan lang,” Delos Reyes said.

The online community lauded the cop for his kindness and generosity:

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