Proud Son Shares Hardships of His Teacher Mom Conducting Online Class

Proud Son Shares Photo of Teacher Mom Struggling to Adopt Online Learning System

A proud son has shared the hardships experienced by his mom conducting online class especially in using technology and devices.

A Facebook user named Dave Henson has shared the photo of his teacher mom conducting an online class. He also shared the hardships and struggle of his mom due to the online learning system.

Dave said that his mother Ma Victoria Henson is struggling to facilitate online learning during this new normal period. Ma’am Henson is reportedly struggling with modern technology and devices.

Proud Son

Aside from the struggle of using gadgets, the educator has to master the subject and to make strategies to make her teaching effective. Henson said that teachers are doing their best to ensure that students learn.

Henson also told the students to appreciate the teacher and to be patient.

Here is the full post:

“Educators in the New Normal

I hope you, kids, know how much teachers, especially the non-techy old-gen ones, are struggling to facilitate learning in the new normal. Day after day, they fight really hard to overcome their personal hurdles with technology and devices. Now, both mastery of the subject and well thought-out impartation strategies require more technological prowess than they’re used to. I hope you’ll keep that in mind the next time your teachers are having a difficult time with seemingly mundane tasks. Let’s be patient with them in the same way that we want teachers to be patient with us. 

Love you, Mom! Proud kaming lahat sa ‘yo! Bestest teacher ever!”

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