Jimuel Pacquiao Exposes Direct Messages on his Phone

Jimuel Pacquiao, son of boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao exposed on his latest YouTube vlog some of the direct messages on his phone.

Jimuel Pacquiao Exposes Direct Messages on his Phone
Photo Credit: Jimuel Pacquiao/YouTube

Recently, Jimuel expressed his side on the allegations thrown at his ex-girlfriend Heaven Peralejo.

This was after entertainment columnist Lolit Solis claimed that Heaven texted Senator Pacquiao, asking for financial aid or ayuda amounting to 100,000 pesos.

But Jimuel denied the accusations coming from the journalist.

“I would like to clarify that the issue posted by Lolit Solis and fashionpulis about Heaven is false. There was no money given and there was no communication,” he said.

Heaven Peralejo herself has issued a statement to decry rumors about her asking money from the Pacquiao family.

On the other hand, Jinkee also denied that Heaven had asked for money from her family.

Meanwhile, amid the pressing issue, Jimuel Pacquiao took to YouTube wherein he exposed via his latest vlog the direct messages on his phone.

Prior to revealing some of the messages on his phone, he showed some stuff including the applications installed on his cellular device.

According to him, most of the direct messages he has received are fan messages. He even showed his latest conversation with his mom who sent a picture of him when he’s just 4-years-old.

Watch the video below which was also retrieved by entertainment website, Push.

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