Inspiring Photo of Elderly Professor Conducting Online Class Goes Viral

Elderly Professor Conducting Online Class Earns Comments From Netizens

The inspiring photo of an elderly professor conducting an online class despite his old age goes viral after it was posted on social media.

Teachers are employees hired by both private and public schools to help students to acquire academic knowledge. They are not only teaching academic knowledge but they also mold students to become a better person in the future.

Educators are also considered as the second parents of the students in school. The compassion of teachers in teaching can be seen through their actions and how they treat the students.

Elderly Professor

Recently, a Facebook user named Julia Krohn Mechling has shared the photo of her father conducting an online class. The photo goes viral on social media and earned reactions from the online community.

The 91-year-old teacher is a professor at the University of St. Thomas for over 50 years. He also embraced the virtual teaching like other educators adopt the online learning system amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Julia said that she even watches her dad teaching “Homer’s The Odyssey”, which he had been teaching for decades.

Here is the full post:

My father has been a professor of English at The University of St. Thomas for 50+ years. Here he is, at 91-years-old, embracing virtual teaching like a BOSS. Listening to and watching him teach Homer’s The Odyssey is a true gift. He’s been teaching it for decades, and yet he has the passion and excitement for the text as though it’s the first time. These kids have no idea how lucky they are.

Here are some of the comments:

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