Impressive Parking Skill of Witty Car Driver Goes Viral Online

Video of Witty Car Driver Impressive Parking Skill Earns Praises Online

The video footage of a witty car driver with an impressive parking skill goes viral and earned praises from the online community.

Nowadays, drivers and motorists are doing their best to gain driving and parking skills to avoid road accidents. Having a good skills in maneuvering vehicles could help to prevent further troubles along the road.

A Twitter user named “rupees____121” or PJ Biju has shared the video footage of a vehicle driver with good parallel parking skills. The video surfaces on social media and earned reactions from social media users.

Impressive Parking Skill

In the video, it can be seen that the while vehicle has no enough parking space. The driver has decided to park at a small space and impressed the residents on how he manage to park safely into the tight slot.

The driver perfectly parked its Innova at a spot above a ditch. However, the driver is able to safely park its vehicle although one false move could send him crashing into the ditch.

Impressive Parking Skill

The video has a caption of:

This is his how he parks…

Here are some of the comments:

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