Chito Miranda Shares How He Deals Misunderstandings With Wife Neri Naig

Chito Miranda shared how he dealt misunderstandings with his wife Neri Naig.

Chito Miranda recently took to social media as he shared about how he dealt misunderstandings with his wife Neri Naig.

This, as he shared a throwback video of his proposal to Neri on his Instagram account.

Chito Miranda
Photo: Chito Miranda / Instagram

According to Chito, there were times when he and his wife get annoyed and fight, which was normal for couples, especially since they’re both “bossing” in the world they lived in.

Chito also said that it’s funny because a lot of people ask him if they’re also fighting and answered “oo naman”, yet he added that they didn’t talk about it publicly.

He admitted that they always dealt with their misunderstandings privately.

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Chito also said that every time he watched the said video, the video itself simply reminded him how much they loved each other and how strong they were.

He added that the said video also reminded him how much they love each other and it helped calm him down and focus on the bigger picture in terms of their relationship as a couple.

Once you focus on the bigger picture, everything else becomes fixable“, Chito said.

It was last September 7 when Chito composed a birthday song that was dedicated to Neri Naig as he greeted his wife for her birthday. The said track received positive responses from his followers.

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