Parokya Ni Edgar To Release New Album? Chito Miranda Revealed Something

Here’s Chito Miranda’s revelation about the release of a new album of Parokya Ni Edgar

Chito Miranda on Friday has this revelation about the possible release of a new album of OPM band Parokya ni Edgar.

This, as he posted an appreciation post on his personal Facebook account wherein Chito shared something about the band’s upcoming release.

Parokya Ni Edgar Release
Photo: Parokya ni Edgar / Instagram

Parokya ni Edgar became one of the legendary OPM bands in the Philippines as they garnered several awards everytime they released an album.

Miranda, Meneses, Semaña, Chee Kee, and Moreno were the band members of Parokya ni Edgar. “Pogi Years Old” — a 21-track studio album that was released last 2016 — was the last studio album that was released by the band.

Recently, Chito composed a birthday song that was dedicated to Neri Naig as he greeted his wife for her birthday. The said track received positive responses from his followers.

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Last Friday, the Parokya ni Edgar frontman shared that Universal Records asked him if the label could put his song out on Spotify and if the band could include the said song on their next album.

As of Friday, Chito said that the band was working on their new studio album which will be announced soon.

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