Did You Know that There’s a Plant Worth 10 Million Pesos?

Did you know that there’s a plant that would cost around 1 million up to 10 million pesos?

Did You Know that There's a Plant Worth 10 Million Pesos?
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BG Regale, or Sansevieria rorida, is a million-peso succulent, personally produced and nourished by Boyet Ganigan, secretary of the Philippine Horticultural Society.

Last year, it was featured in the Agriculture Magazine’s four-day Cactus, Succulent, and Bromeliad Festival and since then, it caught the attention of many.

According to Boyet via Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, BG Regale is worth millions because it is one of a kind “and the process of making it took some time, a lot of effort, a lot of expenses.”

When it was first introduced to the public, many offered to buy the plant with the price ranging from 1.5 million up to 10 million pesos.

But he insisted not to sell it because he wanted to keep it as part of the Philippines.

“Pero hindi namin siya binebenta kasi we want to keep BG Regale sa Pilipinas. Para siyang treasure. Feeling namin it deserves na mag-stay sa Pilipinas. We don’t want others na mag-claim na sila ang may gawa,” he said.

Meanwhile, the trend on growing indoor plants, succulents and to name a few upsurges since the pandemic.

There are even some who tend to barter plants in exchange for foods and other supplies.

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