Skusta Clee to Ryssi Avila: “Wag mong tawagin si God sa pag aadik mo”

Skusta Clee Makes Shocking Revelations About Ryssi Avila

Ex-Battalion rapper Skusta Clee makes shocking revelations about Ryssi Avila saying “Wag mong tawagin si God sap ag aadik mo”.

A few months ago, the Pinoy Hip-Hop artists Daryl Ruiz or popularly known as Skusta Clee becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after he was linked to YouTube personality Ryssi Avila.

Ryssi Avila and her partner Concon Felix break up due to personal and third-party reasons. Concon is also accusing Ruiz of allegedly being the third-party on their relationship. Several videos also show Daryl and Ruiz so close to each other.

The two seems fell in love with each after all the issues and controversies they have been through. However, the two seems like falling out after two months of being together.

Daryl Ruiz made buss online after posting his rant against Ryssi and even criticized the lady vlogger for allegedly using an illegal substance. He also lambasted Avila for using God’s name in justifying her deeds.

Skusta Clee

Wag mong tawagin si God sa pag-aadik mo Ryssi. Mali yon! Hindi ka niya maiintindihan. Kasi sabog ka kaka droga mo eh. Sinabi naman namin yan sayo e,” Ruiz said on his post.

Skusta Clee

However, Ryssi is not responding to Skusta’s rant and choose to keep silent regarding the issue.

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