Disappointed Nurse Infected w/ COVID-19 Claims “Pinabayaan ng ospital”

Disappointed Nurse Infected w/ COVID-19 Due to Work Claims Hospital Neglected Him

A disappointed nurse who is infected with the coronavirus disease seeks help from Raffy Tulfo claiming “Pinabayaan ng ospital”.

A disappointed nurse identified as alias ‘Alias John’ expressed his disappointment towards the hospital management after allegedly abandoning him after he tested positive for coronavirus disease.

The Pinoy nurse acquired the coronavirus disease while performing his duty as hospital personnel. A Hospital speaker named Amor Endrosalam denied the allegations and explained the side of the management.

Disappointed Nurse

Eventually, the hospital management explained that they would shoulder the medical expenses of the health personnel. Amor also explained that they would pay alias John the days of absence he spent recuperating from the illness.

The veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo also mentioned that Endrosalam is an admin of Binakayan Hospital and Medical Center.

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Ito naman ang sumbong ng isang nurse laban sa ospital kung saan siya nagtatrabaho. Nahawaan daw kasi siya ng COVID-19 dahil sa pagpapabaya ng ospital. Itinanggi naman ito ng pamunuan ng ospital.

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