BTS Shares First Impression After Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Here’s a first impression from BTS after unboxing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

South Korean pop group BTS gave their first impression as they were tasked to unbox Samsung’s latest smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

This, as Samsung uploaded a one-minute teaser of ‘BTS Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing’ video on social media accounts.

As shown in the said video, unboxing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was like opening a book as the folds of its box were opened outward from the center in order to reveal the device itself — which came out opened up.

And yes, the Mystic Bronze variant of the said device came out. During the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung noted that the Mystic Bronze was the main color focus in every device that the company had revealed during the event.

As described by BTS members, the Mystic Bronze variant was “incredible”, yet the group wasn’t just concerned with its color by any stretch.

In terms of the smartphone’s texture, the materials used had improved significantly as felt by BTS members, particularly on the smartphone’s “grip”. Also, the in-hand feel was highlighted by how much more smoothly the device flexed and folded compared to its predecessor.

As they booted up the device, BTS members noted that the smartphone was also wider and that undoubtedly helped with its grip. Yet it also made the smartphone more similar to a smaller tablet when it opened up.

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When it comes to its display, the said device has a larger exterior display that was going to be much better for a day-to-day use. Also, the smartphone’s internal display would be more suitable for watching entertainment media or for gaming as well.

In terms of its camera quality, one of the members took a photo of their co-member and it showed that the details were on-point even as it zoomed in.

Although the said device was pre-launched by Samsung during its Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, the company already announced that the official launch for the said device will be on September 1, 2020.

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