Alessandra de Rossi’s Funny, Heartfelt Birthday Message for Jules Ledesma

Alessandra de Rossi shared her birthday message for her brother-in-law

Actress Alessandra de Rossi wrote a funny but heartfelt birthday message for her brother-in-law Jules Ledesma, the husband of her older sister Assunta de Rossi.

Alex and Assunta are very close to each other. The younger de Rossi even tagged themselves as “the notorious de Rossi sisters”.

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Alessandra celebrated her birthday last month and Jules gave this card to her with a birthday message. The actress returned the favor and posted this with her birthday message for the businessman as he is celebrating his birthday this month.

“My dear brother, Happy birthday to you @julesledesma. Masyadong maganda tong handwriting mo, I cannot!” the actress wrote.

She thanked her brother-in-law for loving and accepting them. Then, Alex jokingly said, “Ang wish ko sayo ay regaluhan mo ako ng car mo na luma, house and lot by the beach na 55k hectares or bigger, okay din kung may kalakip na waterfalls at cave. Kung makakahanap ka ng unicorns na pwede ko alagaan. Okay din!”

alessandra de rossi
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With a serious tone she added, “Ingat ka palagi! Stay healthy! I Cannot wait for the baby!” Then, Alessandra de Rossi stressed that the first and the last portions of her birthday message for Jules Ledesma are true.

This post of Alex received a comment from her pregnant sister Assunta. “Yung gift ko sa November pa. (grinning face with smiling face emoji),” the older de Rossi said.

Meanwhile, several netizens commented about the wishlist of Alessandra for her birthday. Here are some of the comments.

“Ganito dapat eeehh be specific sa gustong matanggap” – IG user @cyn_dhee

“solid wish list mo memsh.” – IG user @justjhayze

“Ang ganda ng wish mo Ms. Alex” – IG user @rhoda_regalado

What can you say about this?

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