Alessandra de Rossi Slams Basher of Sister Assunta Over Swab Testing Every 3 Weeks

Alessandra de Rossi slams basher of her sister

Alessandra de Rossi slams the basher of her sister Assunta who was criticized by a netizen about swab testing every three (3) weeks.

Alessandra de Rossi Slams Basher of Sister Assunta Over Swab Testing Every 3 Weeks
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Recently, Assunta de Rossi shared that all her staff and employees with husband, former Negros Occidental congressman Jules Ledesma, are undergoing the COVID-19 swab test every three weeks.

Assunta believes this is the most effective way to ensure that everyone in the house and other staff of her husband is safe from coronavirus disease.

“We get swab-tested every 3 weeks. ALL, including the drivers, the helpers, the secretaries/PAs. We do not take chances. And that… is ‘pagbutihin.’ Tenx!” she said in a Twitter post.

Alessandra de Rossi agreed and even poked fun about it.

“Hospitals! Pls pass till makarating sa kinauukulan. Chot,” she said.

Some netizens, on the other hand, said that Assunta can afford to take a swab test because she is rich and has many resources.

“Your sister is very rich. What can I say?!” a netizen commented.

Alessandra de Rossi immediately responded and told the basher that it’s her sister’s prerogative whilst working in a private company.

After the argument, the Through Night and Day star cited today’s complaint of health workers who are said to be very tired of fighting COVID-19 but do not seem to see any direction in the government’s plan to control the deadly virus.

At the same time, they asked the authorities to first return Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to the increase in the number of patients in hospitals in recent weeks.

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