Winnie Harlow, Kyle Kuzma Now Official

Winnie Harlow and Kyle Kuzma were officially in a relationship with each other.

Winnie Harlow, a former America’s Next Top Model star, formally revealed her new boyfriend on social media as she and NBA star Kyle Kuzma were officially in a relationship with each other.

This, as Winnie posted on her Instagram account a photo as she introduced her new boyfriend — NBA star Kyle Kuzma — to her followers and supporters.

In a report on METRO, Winnie recently shared a photo of her as she was posing with her boyfriend in intimate positions. She didn’t write a caption on her Instagram post, yet her followers put the picture together.

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Meanwhile on her Instagram Stories, Winnie shared a photo of herself as she was holding hands with her boyfriend. Kyle Kuzma then returned the sentiment and posted photos of his girlfriend on his own Instagram account.

Winnie Harlow
Photo: Winnie Harlow / Instagram

Although it wasn’t the first time Kyle had made an appearance on his girlfriend’s Instagram account. Winnie previously shared a selfie of her and Kyle last June as they were chilling together on a beach.

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