Sofia Andres Reveals Reason Why She Kept Mum about her Pregnancy

Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres revealed the reason why she kept mum about her pregnancy and childbirth.

Sofia Andres Reveals Reason Why She Kept Mum about her Pregnancy
Photo Credit: Sofia Andres/Instagram

The 21-year-old actress only admitted that she had a child on June 21, Father’s Day- a year and a half since she found out she was pregnant.

Sofia gave birth to her son with Daniel Miranda, a race car driver, in November 2019.

Sofia and Daniel’s daughter Zoe is now eight months old.

The 21-year-old actress explained, “Kasi tinake ko lang yung advice ng sister ko, na pag daw hindi stressful ang pregnancy, nagre-reflect daw sa bata yun.”

In the latest episode of the ABS-CBN online show, I Feel U on Saturday, July 19, she shared some details about her pregnancy anew.

There were rumors about her pregnancy but Sofia was silent and did not admit it.

Most of the photos she posted during that time had no indication that she was pregnant, so they were probably throwback photos.

In her previous interview, Sofia said she found out she was pregnant on February 14, 2019, Valentine’s Day.

Based on the article published by, it is said that Daniel cried when Sofia confessed that she was pregnant.

Sofia used to fear that Daniel might not stand up for her, but the race car driver assured that she would be responsible for the actress.

When it comes to her family, she first opened up about her pregnancy with her sister.

Sofia also told Daniel’s mother about her condition.

According to Sofia, the happiness of parenthood is different.

Now that she is a mother, Sofia now understands the strictness of her parents.

She admitted that because her parents were so strict at the time, she rebelled.

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