Samsung To Fight COVID-19 With Its Antimicrobial Smartphone Cases

Samsung wanted to fight COVID-19 with its antimicrobial smartphone cases.

Samsung wanted to fight the coronavirus disease by way of producing its smartphone cases that have an antimicrobial coating.

This, as Samsung had submitted a patent for its smartphone cases with “antimicrobial coating” last June 30 in some countries — including the UK, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Samsung’s antimicrobial smartphone cases would prevent virus particles from staying on the surface of the smartphone.

Samsung To Fight

Samsung’s antimicrobial smartphone cases

In a report on Android Headlines, the description of Samsung’s patent was “protective cases and covers” for its smartphones and its tablet computers as well.

Based on the patent description alone, Samsung not only working on antimicrobial smartphone cases but also working on the antimicrobial cases for tablet computers as well.

What is antimicrobial coating?

An antimicrobial coating was used in order to fight again bacteria and virus strains or particles on a given surface.

Currently, the world was facing a pandemic because of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Since it survived on a given surface, the virus could be transmitted easily through touch.

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With no vaccination being currently available, precaution prevention was the best method against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Samsung’s upcoming launch

In a report on Gizmochina, Samsung’s launch of its upcoming flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy Note 20 series, could be the perfect time for the official launch of its antimicrobial smartphone cases.

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