Romantic Guy Proposes to Girlfriend as Comet NEOWISE Appears in the Sky

Romantic Guy Makes Once-in-a-lifetime Proposal to Girlfriend as Comet NEOWISE Lights Up The Night

NUEVA ECIJA – A Romantic guy made a once-in-a-lifetime wedding proposal to his girlfriend as the Comet NEOWISE shot across the night.

The Facebook page “GMA News” has shared the post of YouScooper Richmond Perez who grabbed the opportunity to propose to his beloved girlfriend Sandra as the Comet NEOWISE lights up the sky.

Perez previously proposed to Sandra with an ordinary ring but made another proposal again after the new engagement ring arrived. He waited for five days to perform his once-in-a-lifetime proposal.

Romantic Guy

Richmond patiently wait to get a glimpse of the comet while proposing to Sandra for the second time. Sandra was surprised after her boyfriend proposed again to her during a rare astrological event.

“Finally Lord allows us to see this once in a lifetime event. Thank you Lord for these two wonderful creation in front of my eyes,” Richmond said.

NASA discovered Comet NEOWISE on March 27 but approached the Earth in July 23, 2020. The comet would gradually go away and will totally disappear by mid-August and expected to appear again after 6,800 years.

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