Ministry Of Foreign Affairs In Malaysia To Summon PH Ambassador Due To Locsin’s Tweet

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia will summon the Philippine Ambassador due to Locsin’s tweet.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia on Wednesday will summon Philippine Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur Charles Jose because of Teddy Boy Locsin’s tweet.

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On Wednesday, Malaysian Minister Hishammuddin Hussein posted a tweet saying that a statement from Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin Jr. was an “irresponsible statement” and might affect the mutual relations of Malaysia and the Philippines.

In response to Locsin’s tweet last Monday, Hussein then declared in his tweet that Sabah was, and would always be, “part of Malaysia”.

Sabah had been recognized by the government of Malaysia as its territory since it became part of the federation in 1963.

However, based on a report on CNN, the Philippines claimed that Sabah was “once ruled by the Sultanate of Sulu”, which signed a lease agreement with the British North Borneo Company — a now-inoperative private company — over a part of Sabah on January 22, 1878.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin Jr. — as well as Malacañang — earlier had declared the Philippines’ historical claims over the state.

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Hussein’s tweet came after Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin Jr., the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines, posted a tweet last Monday claiming that Sabah was “not part of Malaysia”.

Locsin, as of this writing, hadn’t yet responded to Malaysian Minister Hishammuddin Hussein’s tweet.

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