John Regala, Veteran Actor, To Receive Assistance From Raffy Tulfo

Veteran Actor John Regala was about to receive help from Raffy Tulfo

JOHN REGALA — Veteran actor John Regala was about to receive assistance from Raffy Tulfo following a viral photo showing the current health condition of the actor.

John Regala

John Regala, or John Paul Guido Boucher Scherrer as his real name, was known for portraying various antagonist roles in different Philippine movies and TV series. He was also tagged as the “Bad Boy” of the Philippine action films.

However, a concerned citizen saw John who was seemingly weak had a severe weight loss, and can’t walk well. The said person briefly described the actor as “nahihilo at utal na po magsalita”.

With this, a concerned netizen assisted the actor and took photos of him — and the said post went viral on social media.

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In a report on, John — who was already 55 years old — suffered from having liver cirrhosis and “esophageal varices” (enlargement of veins in the esophagus).

After the said photos went viral, Raffy Tulfo called John and had a conversation with him.

During their conversation, John said that he was left by his wife, neglected by their children, and denied by his relatives. John also said that he didn’t want to be treated as he wanted to “follow” his mother.

Raffy Tulfo then wanted to help him – through his program – by giving cash assistance, medicines, groceries, and other things that John might be needing.

Be strong, Sir John!” Raffy told the actor.

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  1. Patry nio sir raffy ung neutraceutical products tulad po ng gano products namin baka hu makatulong kay actor john regala pwede po ako magpadala peru kung ano address po san si actor john

  2. I salute Mr. Raffy Tulfo you are truly a generous person. May the Lord bless you more and with good health.😇 keep up the good work!


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