Mika Salamanca Trends on Twitter Due to This Reason

Mika Salamanca Trends on Twitter After Netizens Revealed Something About Her

The social medial influencer Mika Salamanca trends on Twitter after a female netizen revealed something unexpected about her.

Mika Salamanca is one of the most popular internet personalities in the Philippines. Mika rose to fame because of her song covers, which were uploaded on her social media accounts. She also made a self-titled YouTube channel.

The celebrity began her YouTube channel in May 2014 but began to post videos in 2017. Her YouTube channel has over 2.29 million subscribers. She is also making lifestyle and fashion vlogging.

Mika Salamanca

A Twitter user named Abby revealed that the YouTube personality reportedly violated the quarantine protocols on Oahu, Hawaii. Abby also said that the internet star refused to admit her mistakes and even deletes comments calling her out.

Another social media user named “aannaliesee” on Twitter supported the statement of other netizens claiming that Salamance defied the health protocols in Hawaii just to alleged make her nails done and hang out with her friends.

Mika Salamanca
Mika Salamanca

The online community also expressed their disappointment towards the young lady for being irresponsible:


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