Lady Customer Accidentally Drops Towel & Exposed Undressed Body to Delivery Boy

Lady Customer Caught on Camera After She Accidentally Drops the Towel Covering her Body Amid Transaction w/ Delivery Boy

The video footage of a lady customer who accidentally dropped her towel and exposed her undressed body to the delivery boy.

A Facebook user named Rhapsody Dela Cruz has shared the video footage of a lady customer who accidentally dropped the towel covering her boy. The daring video goes viral after it was posted online.

In the video, it can be seen that the woman opened the door after the delivery employee arrived at her house. She entertained the delivery guy and took the payment from her bag as she received the parcel.

Lady Customer

Unfortunately, the woman accidentally dropped her towel during the transaction and accidentally exposed her body to the delivery worker. She immediately returned the towel and apologized to the man due to the incident.

However, the woman even smiled at the camera and showed her tongue after the incident. The video shows that the lady might have done her daring act intentionally.

The video has a caption of:


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