LinkedIn Might Face Lawsuit Because Of This

LinkedIn might be facing a lawsuit due to this.

LinkedIn might be facing a lawsuit as one of its users filed a case in the San Francisco federal court because of the app’s feature.

LinkedIn Might

In a report on Yahoo! Finance, LinkedIn user Adam Bauer filed a case against the company due to collecting personal data from iPhone and iPad users through Apple’s mobile operating system’s clipboard.

Adam complained that LinkedIn might not only have access to private information from his device where the mobile app was installed but also from other nearby devices — such as a Mac — via Apple’s “Universal Clipboard” feature.

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The said complaint came after LinkedIn was recently caught reading clipboards from iPhone and iPad users which was detected by Apple’s new privacy features for iOS 14.

9to5Mac reported that the class-action lawsuit may be classified the said problem as an alleged “violation” of the law or social norms under California laws, as such, the company hadn’t commented on the situation yet

However, LinkedIn previously said that its mobile app for iOS and iPadOS wasn’t reading the clipboard of its users intentionally, but because of its software “bug”.

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