Jasmine Curtis-Smith Told By Netizen To Be Wary Of Joining Groups

Netizen to Jasmine Curtis-Smith: “Ingat lang po sa mga grupong pinapasukan, Maam.”

Jasmine Curtis-Smith was told by a netizen to be wary of joining groups as she was currently a member of Aktor (League of Filipino Actors).

Photos: @jascurtissmith / Instagram

One of her followers recently told her to be aware of joining groups saying that if a group was focusing more on “puro galit” against the government, then it was possible that it was one of the “groups”. And yes, he was referring to the leftist groups or a group of activists.

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An Instagram user also mentioned the League of Filipino Students (LFS) — a 42-year-old student movement that was established during Martial Law — as an example. Moreover, netizen clarified that he only cared for the actress as he admired her performance as an Army official in GMA Network’s television series Descendants of the Sun.

Jasmine then replied to his comment saying that Aktor (League of Filipino Actors) was a group that was intended for actors, adding that he didn’t have to think about anything else as Aktor was for them and their work in the industry.

Another netizen also commented on her Instagram post telling her not to support ABS-CBN and let it close eventually. The 26-year-old Filipino-Australian actress didn’t respond to those who commented on her post.

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