Indonesian Dentist Nina Agustin Chooses 1 of 27 Colorful PPEs Before Facing Patients

Indonesian Dentist Nina Agustin Wears Fashionable PPEs at Her Clinic

The Indonesian dentist Nina Agustin is still choosing one of her 27 colorful PPEs before meeting her patients at the clinic.

A Malang-based dentist, Dr. Nina Agustin is strictly observing the health protocols to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease. She is wearing her Personal Protective Equipments before facing her patients.

Agustin is making sure that she is wearing her gear to keep herself and her patients safe from the virus. However, she still managed to remain fashionable amid the health crisis and the threat of pandemic.

Indonesian Dentist

The female dentist and other Indonesians have created their own DIY protective gears but Agustin made it a pandemic fashion sense. She is wearing a full suit, a face shield, goggles, a respirator, gloves, and boots at her own clinic.

The dental personnel is even posting her stylish PPEs on her social media accounts. She is also choosing one out of her 27 PPEs to wear before attending to her patients. Her fashionable gears help to attract the attention of her patients.

Indonesian Dentist
Indonesian Dentist

Dr. Nina is boosting the mood of her patients through her DIY spirit radiated PPEs. She also proves that preventing the virus doesn’t have to be expensive.

Indonesian Dentist

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