Heartless Daughter Who Left Undressed Mom Without Food Finally Speaks

Heartless Daughter Breaks Silence After Leaving Undressed Mom Without Food

The heartless daughter who left her undressed mom without food for two days finally breaks her silence regarding the incident.

Previously, the video footage of a poor elderly woman lying under the sink of their house. The helpless grandma was left undressed and no food for two days. The video spread like a wildfire online.

In the video, it can be seen that the poor granny was left all alone under the sink without clothes and food. She was also placed under the sink for two days covered by plywood supported by a water container.

The lady uploader identified as Kristine Vargas Tatad together with her mom and sister helped the poor grandma who is in a difficult situation. A lot of netizens expressed their disappointment and criticized the daughter of the elderly lady for her irresponsible actions.

Recently, Kristine Vargas Tatad has been featured on Raffy Tulfo in Action after the veteran broadcaster watched the video she uploaded. The radio personality also interviewed the daughter of the old woman. The old lady has been identified as Flordeliza Lorenzo.

The daughter identified as Mary Jane defended herself and explained that she brought her belongings first to their new house before bringing her mom. She also apologized for her wrongdoings.

Heartless Daughter

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