Charlie Puth Responds To Fans Accusing Him Of Using BTS For ‘Clout’

Charlie Puth responded to allegations that he used BTS for “clout”.

American singer Charlie Puth responded to BTS fans on Twitter for accusing him of using the South Korean pop group for “clout”.

This, as Charlie recently posted a thread on his Twitter account asking BTS fans to end the hate on social media.

Charlie Puth
Photo from Koreaboo

Charlie Puth was known for his tracks “Attention”, “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, and “Marvin Gaye”.

He previously performed his song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” last 2018 together with Jungkook of BTS at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards wherein their performance received positive responses from their respective fans and a lot of people may call it “a dream come true” for Jungkook.

Charlie Puth
Photo from Koreaboo

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In a Twitter post, Charlie said that he felt the need to stop what he described as a “toxic” and “dangerous” internet-screaming match while he wasn’t one to mind those comments.

He admitted in his tweet that he loved the members of BTS as they were “super talented”.

He also said that he was speaking on behalf of the younger kids on a microblogging app who might feel the same kind of toxicity on social media on a daily basis.

With this, Charlie asked BTS fans to be nicer to each other, adding that it would be better if people need to love each other more than ever.

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Photo from Koreaboo

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