53-Year-Old Pedicab Driver Arrested for Stealing 2 Cans of Luncheon Meat

Netizens React to the Arrest of 53-Year-Old Pedicab Driver for Stealing 2 Cans of Luncheon Meat

PACO, MANILA – A 53-year-old pedicab driver has been arrested by the authorities after stealing two cans of luncheon meat at a grocery store.

Manila Police District reported that a pedicab driver has been arrested for stealing two canned good worth P381 at a grocery store in Paco, Manila last Friday (July 3, 2020). The old man is a resident of Barrio Tejeros, Makati City.

According to Paco PCP, the shoplifter has been apprehended after getting out of the establishment without paying for the canned goods. Super 8 management temporarily hold the culprit and let his wife pay for the goods.

Pedicab Driver

Unfortunately, the driver’s wife did not arrive to pay the goods. The grocery store turned over the culprit to Ermita Police Station after undergoing a medical checkup. The unidentified man is now facing a crime of theft charges (Thru shoplifting) and summoned to appear at Manila City Prosecutor’s Office this week.

However, the online community expressed their sympathy towards the old man and assumed that the culprit did it due to extreme poverty and hunger.

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