TJ Monterde Reveals Postponement Of Wedding Plans With KZ Tandingan

TJ Monterde revealed the postponement of their wedding plans together with his fiancé KZ Tandingan.

TJ Monterde revealed that their church wedding plans with his fiancé KZ Tandingan had been postponed to next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview on PUSH, TJ said that he and KZ had to move their wedding plans to next year. He also said that they’re considering getting legally-wed and they considered if they’re allowed to.

TJ Monterde
Photo from TJ Monterde (via Instagram)

Moreover, TJ said that he and KZ started planning in January after announcing that they’re officially married last December 30. He revealed that his fiancé was the planner out of the two of them.

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TJ also revealed that they were on a 70% progress in terms of their planning, adding that they still needed to finish the remaining 30% before the “execution”. He also said that they already had a conversation with their coordinator and those who were part of their wedding.

Moreover, TJ also revealed that they will release their personal songs that specifically made for their wedding as part of their wedding plans.

Aside from this, TJ revealed his reason why he proposed to KZ Tandingan. He also shared their experiences about doing LDR with his fiancé during the enhanced community quarantine.

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