Rica Peralejo Posts Heart-Melting Message for Manu on His 1st Birthday

Heart-melting birthday message of Rica Peralejo for her son Manu

Former actress Rica Peralejo took to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she posted a heart-melting message for her son Manu, as they celebrate his 1st birthday.

Rica Peralejo's birthday message for son Manu
Photo Credit: Rica Peralejo/Instagram

Rica Peralejo’s son Manu with husband Pastor Joseph Bonifacio turned 1 on June 9.

Here’s the heart-melting birthday message of Rica Peralejo to her son which she posted on Instagram:

“Manu. You turned one in the midst of a pandemic. You had your party here in the US when we should have been home two months ago. You like to eat sayote, blueberries, potatoes. Your words tell me so much of the mover and nature baby that you are: bird, ball, cat, up, dede, ba-bye. That’s besides Mama, Papa, Ya (for Kuya), Mamama (for Mandy) and A- (for Alex). Not a surprise you know names and labels, because you live for the joy of connecting with those who are around you. You smile so much, and cry so passionately. You are aggressive and risky and persistent. You do not like to sleep very much, and it takes you a long time to get tired. But oh how you like to cuddle! You welcome the tickles and you do not hesitate to receive all the love. People are drawn to you because you are first drawn to them.
Few days before you were born your Tita Iya had a word for you: ADVENTURE. And yes it is true, not only are you going to have a lot of adventures but you, Manu, are the adventure yourself! And how blessed is your Mama who is so up for the ride! 🤪 (Para kang white water rafting levels ehhhh.)
We love you so much, and your family loves you so much. And wow, you know, so many of my friends and people online who have been journeying with us on my accounts have sent you messages, too! And it feels like they are doing this because they genuinely connected with you. Iba ka — one ka palang, ang dami mo ng friends. 😂😂😂 Ako, I started having them at mga 28 years of age. Hahahahaha!!!! .
You are a fresh and new addition to Mama, My Darling. You enrich my life. You’ve “saved” it a couple of times, too. What a necessary life you have right there, World Changer. Happy birthday.”

Rica Peralejo’s post gained massive greetings and well wishes for her son.

It was in 2010 when Rica Peralejo married her husband Joseph Bonifacio and during that time, she decided to left show business.

According to her, she wanted to focus with family life.

But before she lived a private life away from the limelight, she starred in a number of movies and TV shows, such as “Ang TV” and “Gimik,” and the teleserye “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay.”

She also became one of the hosts of the Kapamilya Network’s morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

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