Content Creator Accuses BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Of Allegedly Plagiarizing Her Makeup

Nushafarin, a content creator whose works were posted on Instagram, accused BLACKPINK’s makeup artist of allegedly plagiarizing her makeup.

A content creator recently accused Maeng, the makeup artist of South Korean pop group BLACKPINK, of allegedly plagiarizing her makeup.

This, as Nushafarin, a make-up artist whose works were posted on Instagram, posted on her Instagram account accusing YG Entertainment and Maeng of plagiarizing her makeup.

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Recently, YG Entertainment posted various posters of BLACKPINK leading to the pre-release single of “How You Like That”. One of the posters that YG Entertainment posted was a poster wherein BLACKPINK Jennie has a pink flame under her left eye (although the photo suggested that the pink flame was located on the right).

Photo from YG Entertainment

Maeng, the make-up artist at YG Entertainment, was tasked to do the makeup to BLACKPINK members. And yes, Nushafarin saw the said poster and compared it to her own look that was posted on her Instagram account last February.

“Plagiarism is unlawful, and just wrong,” according to Nushafarin.

In her Instagram post, Nushafarin attached her statement regarding the said issue. According to her, she had no problem with people who were being inspired by her content or recreating it, yet it was “unacceptable” when a big brand (YG Entertainment in this case) paid an artist to recreate her work without reaching out to her nor giving her any credit. For her, plagiarism is “unlawful and just wrong”.

She also said in her statement that she tried to get in contact with YG Entertainment and Maeng, yet both didn’t respond to her.

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Nushafarin also said that she had received a lot of comments claiming that the “flame” makeup was a “very common makeup trend”. She even asked the public to look for the “flame” makeup that was similar to her.

Moreover, Nushafarin revealed that her “flame” makeup was inspired by blades and not flames, adding that the look was unique due to its placement — which was located “under the eye”, “on one eye”, and the unique fleek was located in the inner and outer corner. She also revealed that she kept her “flame” pink and the shading around the liner was “replicated”.

With this, she thanked her supporters and BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK) who had been supportive and kind, adding that she wanted to tell them how much she appreciated all the love and support that she had shown.

You can read her full statement below:

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Hi guys, just wanted to make an official post to address what recently happened. I firstly want to thank those of you who have been so supportive and kind through all of this. This includes BLINK. I’m sorry if I have not been able to reply to everyone’s lovely messages, but I want to take this chance to tell you how much I appreciate all the love and support I have been shown. I have not been able to sort the issue myself and have expressed my concerns in this post. To summarise, my work was clearly plagiarised and I wish to hold big companies and MUAs (@yg_ent_official, @iammaeng) accountable for when they mess up. I wanted to clear this up myself but have not had any luck. I would really appreciate if you continued the support you have been showing me! Lots of love ❤️

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As of this writing, Maeng has yet to explain her side about the said makeup. Moreover, YG Entertainment has yet to release a statement regarding this matter.

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