Justin Bieber Might Take Legal Action Over Accusations

Justin Bieber might be taking legal action over accusations.

Justin Bieber might be working with Twitter and local authorities in the United States to take legal action over accusations.

This, after Bieber denied the allegations that he allegedly assaulted “Danielle” way back in 2014. The said allegations came as “Danielle” claimed that the incident took place at a hotel in Texas.

Justin Bieber
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Bieber made a thread on Twitter as he released his statement regarding the said allegations.

In his Twitter post, Bieber said that he didn’t address things as had dealt with random accusations in her entire career, yet he decided to speak up on the said issue after having a conversation with her wife Hailey. He continued that rumors were rumors, yet the said abuse was something he didn’t take it lightly.

Bieber also said that there was “no truth” to the said story wherein a Twitter user shared a story of himself involved with alleged abuse at the Four Seasons hotel in Texas way back March 2014. He even posted articles and receipts as proof that he’s at SXSW in Austin and not at the Four Seasons hotel.

And yes, Selena Gomez was listed as one of Twitter’s trending topics because of Bieber’s tweet.

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Furthermore, he pledged that he won’t be using “Mike Lowery” as his alias. He ended his thread by saying that he will be working with Twitter and local authorities in the United States in order for him to take legal action.

You can read his tweets and further updates about him by clicking this link.

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