WWE Legend The Undertaker Officially Announces Retirement

WWE legend The Undertaker has officially announced his retirement.

WWE legend Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway officially announced his retirement after 30 years of being a professional wrestler.

This, as he revealed in the final episode of his “Undertaker: The Last Ride” documentary that he had “no desire to get back in the ring”. The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) then posted a photo on its Instagram account thanking Mark for the last ride.

In a report on News18, Mark’s final match was the Boneyard Match at WWE’s Wrestlemania 36 with AJ Styles.

Mark said that he was at a point and it was time that this cowboy would really ride away, adding that there was nothing left for him to conquer or accomplish as the game had changed. He also said that it was time for “new guys to come up” and the time “just seems right” for him.

WWE Legend The Undertaker
Photo from WWE

Mark was first introduced to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) universe way back in 1990. He claimed that he won various competitions during his career including the three-time World Heavyweight Champion, one-time WWF Hardcore Champion, four-time WWF/WWE Champion, six-time WWF World Tag Team Champion, and Royal Rumble way back in 2007.

He then became an icon for the World Wrestling Entertainment and he was the most-recognized character around the world during his 30-year in-ring career.

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