Conor McGregor Officially Announces Retirement From UFC

Conor McGregor officially announced his retirement from UFC.

Conor McGregor, a mixed martial arts superstar, on Sunday officially announced his retirement from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

This, as Conor McGregor posted on his Twitter account saying that he decided to “retire from fighting”.

Conor McGregor
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In his tweet, McGregor thanked his supporters for his “amazing memories”. He even attached a photo of himself and his mother in his tweet.

The two-division UFC World Champion previously announced his retirement from UFC in March 2019 after being beaten into submission by Khabib Nurmagomedov last October 2018. Last April 2016, McGregor previously announced that he decided to “retire young” and thanking his supporters for the “cheese”.

On Sunday, McGregor told ESPN that he’s “a bit bored” of the game and he’s not excited about the game, admitting that there’s just “no buzz” for him. He also said that he would go through “opponent options” and admitted that there’s nothing that’s exciting him.

Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, on Sunday paid tribute to Conor McGregor following the conclusion of UFC 250 in Las Vegas.

I love Conor. There’s a handful of people that have made this really fun for me, and he’s one of them“, White said.

McGregor has a record of 22 wins and four losses. He was also the first fighter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to hold two championship belts at the same time.

Recently, he posted a photo of his retirement cake on his Twitter account.

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