Magui Ford: Daniel Padilla’s Sister Got Offers from South Korean Agencies

South Korean agencies have offered to Magui Ford

Daniel Padilla’s sister Magui Ford revealed in her tweets that she received offers from South Korean entertainment agencies.

On May 17, the daughter of Queen Mother Karla Estrada shared these posts on her Twitter account. However, the said tweets were already deleted.

magui ford daniel padilla
đź“·: @magsford IG

She appeared to be asking her Twitter followers what to choose between YG and JYP, two of the most popular agencies in South Korea. However, based on the article from Abante, the young lady might have deleted those tweets because she was told that this kind of thing is quite confidential in SK, not unless the artist has officially debuted.

It was said that before she deleted her post, several netizens said that she should JYP while some suggested that she should go for YG despite the controversies it went through last year.

magui ford tweets
đź“·: Twitter

Based on the article, Magui Ford has this post on her social media account following her deleted tweets: “Ok people have to keep their calm. I am NOT a trainee. Currently not accepting or responding to any offers and still no sure future ahead of me! Also, you guys know I want to study in London for college! So I don’t know. We’ll see.”

As of press time, Magui’s camp has not given an update yet regarding the offers from the South Korean agencies.

Meanwhile, unlike Daniel and Karla, Magui shies away from the limelight. However, her 18th birthday celebration a couple of months ago was a star-studded event that showed she is from a prominent showbiz clan.

On the other hand, the young lady has started her own YouTube channel which is quite a bit near to being in show business.

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