Karla Estrada Admits She’s Quick to Fall for Men

Karla Estrada

Karla Estrada opens up about growing up without a father KARLA ESTRADA – The well-known TV personality opened up about her life’s challenges in an interview with journalist Bernadette Sembrano. Growing up without a father, she admitted that this absence greatly impacted her romantic experiences, often leading to mistakes in relationships. She shared how simple … Read more

VIDEO: Karla Estrada Selling Her Dream Home

Karla Estrada, House 1

Karla Estrada Confirms She’s Selling Her Dream Home KARLA ESTRADA – Singer and TV host Karla Estrada just confirmed in an interview that she’s selling her dream home. The first investment and the grandest gift bestowed upon his mother, Karla Estrada, by actor Daniel Padilla, is an eight-bedroom dwelling nestled within an upscale subdivision in … Read more

Karla Estrada Denies Daniel Padilla’s Request for Fans’ Gcash Numbers

Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla asking for fans’ GCash numbers? Karla Estrada reacts KARLA ESTRADA – The actress-host refuted claims that her son, Daniel Padilla, was asking for GCash numbers from his fans online. GCash scams typically involve fraudulent individuals posing as celebrities, influencers, or even friends and family members on social media platforms. They utilize various tactics … Read more

Karla Estrada Encourages People to Vote for Daniel Padilla as the ‘Hottest Man of the Year’

Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla as Hottest Man of the Year? KARLA ESTRADA – The actress-television host encouraged people to vote for her son Daniel Padilla as the ‘Philippine Hottest Man of the Year’ by Voter’s Choice Awards. Daniel John Elago Ford is a highly acclaimed actor and singer. His career began in 2010 when he was discovered … Read more

Karla Estrada Flaunts Bench Endorsement

Karla Estrada

Karla Estrada on her product endorsement: “More of this? Soon.” KARLA ESTRADA – The actress and TV presenter excitedly informed her fans and followers about an upcoming product endorsement with a well-known clothing brand. In the face of the unfavorable attention her son Daniel Padilla is attracting, Karla stays determined and optimistic. Rather than responding … Read more

Karla Estrada Has Another Cryptic Post on Instagram

Karla Estrada

Another cryptic post from Karla Estrada KARLA ESTRADA – The former host of Magandang Buhay took to social media platform, Instagram, to share another cryptic post. Karla Estrada is a Filipino actress, singer, television host, and comedian who gained recognition for her roles in various films and television series, including notable works such as “Ina, … Read more