Heartbroken Lady Sent Tons of Onions to Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

Heartbroken Lady Takes Revenge & Sent Huge Amount of Onions to Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

HEARTBROKEN LADY – A heartbroken lady sent tons of onions to her ex-boyfriend to make him burst into tear after making her cry.

The online website Shandong Net reported that the heartbroken woman with a surname Zhao from China has been cheated by her boyfriend. Zhao and her boyfriend were in a relationship for almost a year.

The lady overwhelmed with hatred and pain decided to make revenge against her former lover who hurt her feelings. Zhao sent 1,000 kilograms of red onion to the house of her ex-boyfriend as her revenge.

Heartbroken Lady

Zhao said that she spends three days crying after her ex-lover dumped her: “I’ve cried for three days, now it’s your turn.” Ms. Zhao also instructed the driver not to contact the receiver and just dump the root crops at the door.

The deliver personnel spent four hours moving all the onions from the vehicle to the man’s front door. The guy gets surprised and confused after seeing the pile of onions delivered to his door.

‘I heard from my friends that he was not upset at all after breaking up with me, So, I ordered a tonne of onions to his home. I’ve got money, I wanted him to know the taste of tears,’ Zhao said.

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