Heartbreaking Footage of Old Man Searching for Food in Trash Bins Goes Viral

Old Man Searching for Food in Trash Bins Breaks Netizens’ Hearts

The heartbreaking video footage of an old man searching for in trash bins due to extreme poverty goes viral online.

A Facebook user named Mizan Dmhba has shared photos and video footage of a poor old man searching for food at trash binds due to poverty. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Mizan Dmhba together with some of his friends found the poor man rummaging the trash bins during their travel heading to Ketereh, Kelantan in Malaysia. They stopped and asked the man why he is rummaging the garbage.

Old Man

The scavenger told them that he is looking for food from the trash bin. The group decided to gave him rice and money although it would only last for a few days.

I asked to stop the car and approached the uncle. He told me he was collecting leftover bread to be eaten. We gave him a bag of rice and some zakat money for expenditure. There are still many out there that needs our care,” the Good Samaritan said.

Old Man

The social media users lauded the group for showing an act of kindness and generosity towards the old uncle along the road. The kind guys also encouraged the public to help the less-fortunate no matter how little it is.

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