Ryan Agoncillo Shares Unforgettable First Meeting w/ Judy Ann Santos

This is how Ryan Agoncillo first met Judy Ann Santos

TV host Ryan Agoncillo shared the story of his unforgettable first meeting with wife drama actress Judy Ann Santos.

Ryan and Juday have been together as husband and wife for a decade now. Their wedding which took place in 2009 was one of the biggest surprises in showbiz in the said year.

The couple chose to have an intimate ceremony with the closest of their family and friends. Later on, it was revealed to the public how they pulled off such an unforgettable event.

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Apparently, the first time when Ryan met Juday was also very unforgettable as he related about this on his recent Instagram post.

According to the TV host, he first met his wife in a photoshoot. “These photos were taken on the same afternoon by your Tito Raymund back in 2001,” he said in his caption on his side by side throwback photo with Judy Ann.

Ryan shared that his shoot was finished early that day and he had no plan where to go after. “I don’t remember where exactly I was headed after, but for sure though, I was in no particular hurry. Changing back to the clothes i wore on the way to the studio,” the host said.


Then, the photographer called invited him back in for a few test shots when he was taking his time gathering his things. At that time, the studio was already in a new set up for the next photoshoot.

“As I was making my way out, helmet and stuff in hand, I saw her being made up, in the far end of the studio. I stopped, waved, and then, I said, ‘HI!'” he shared.

Their eyes locked in the mirror, then, Ryan Agoncillo realized, “SH@T, Di Nga pala Kami magkakilala! i smiled, and ran to the nearest exit.” The TV host shared this story for their son Lucho. “That is how I met your mother, bud,” he said.


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