LG Announces LG Velvet Launch Date, Posts Teaser Video

LG Officially Announced The Date Of Its “LG Velvet” Launch Event

LG Electronics officially announced that the smartphone company will have a launch event for its upcoming smartphone, the LG Velvet.

This, as LG Electronics posted an announcement video, inviting the public to watch their launch event on May 7, 2020.


Previously, LG Electronics posted a teaser video where the initial specs of the LG Velvet — its unique “raindrop” camera module, symmetrical form factor, four color options, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor — were revealed in the said video. Also, LG Electronics previously explained that the word “Velvet” was intended to call up to its lustrous smoothness and premium softness of its new smartphone.

The smartphone company introduced this smartphone to the public in order to capture the nature of the device that would suit to their personality.

LG Electronics didn’t reveal much about the overall specs. For upcoming updates and details about this, follow Philippine Newspaper on Facebook!

LG Velvet

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