Pope Francis Cancels Planned Six-day Retreat Due To ‘Cold’

Pope Francis canceled his planned six-day spiritual retreat due to “cold”.

Pope Francis announced that he was cancelling a planned six-day spiritual retreat at the south of Rome after coming down with a “cold”.

This, after Pope Francis coughed a couple of times during his weekly Sunday appearance from a Vatican window in front of supporters. Pope Francis stated that a “cold” forced him not to take part in a planned six-day spiritual retreat this year.

The cancellation of the planned retreat came as Italy battled Europe’s worst outbreak of COVID-19, thus, the number of confirmed cases in Italy surpassed 1,000 on Saturday, with 29 confirmed fatalities and 105 patients were receiving intensive care treatment in hospital.

The Vatican quickly shot down speculations that the Pope himself had come down with COVID-19, saying that there was no evidence to suggest a diagnosis of anything aside from his “slight ailment”.

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