Greta Thunberg ‘Extremely Likely’ To Have COVID-19

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg stated that it was “extremely likely’ that she had a coronavirus disease. Greta Thunberg said that it’s “extremely likely” that she had a coronavirus disease or COVID-19, yet she hasn’t been tested for the said disease. This, as Sweden, as of this writing, already has over 2,300 total confirmed COVID-19 cases, 40 fatalities, … Read more

Nike Temporarily Closes European Headquarters Due To COVID-19


Nike temporarily closed its European headquarters due to COVID-19. Nike temporarily closed its European headquarters in the Netherlands on Monday (March 2, 2020) and Tuesday (March 3, 2020). This, after an employee of Nike was infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus, now named COVID-19. As reported by a Dutch news agency ANP, citing an internal … Read more

Pope Francis Cancels Planned Six-day Retreat Due To ‘Cold’

Pope Francis

Pope Francis canceled his planned six-day spiritual retreat due to “cold”. Pope Francis announced that he was cancelling a planned six-day spiritual retreat at the south of Rome after coming down with a “cold”. This, after Pope Francis coughed a couple of times during his weekly Sunday appearance from a Vatican window in front of … Read more