Google Disables All Coronavirus Apps In Play Store

All coronavirus apps were already disabled in Google Play Store.

Google recently disabled all coronavirus apps on Play Store, which means, when you search for coronavirus or COVID-19, it revealed zero results.

This, as Google attempted to prevent the spread of misinformation about the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through Google Play Store.

Google Disables All Coronavirus Apps In Play Store
Screenshot: Searching Coronavirus and COVID-19 on Google Play Store

These “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” apps were looking to take advantage of the outbreak by spreading malware to Android users. Google then opted for a blanket ban on any apps using “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” as keywords in an effort to capitalize on the health scare.

To clarify, Google only censoring these keywords — “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” — on its Play Store, not on its entire search engine.

What can you say about this move from Google? Just feel free to leave your reactions in the comment section.

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