Facebook Introduces Creator Studio App For Mobile Devices

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Introducing Creator Studio App from Facebook

Facebook officially introduced its Creator Studio App that allows creators to manage their page content on their mobile devices.

Creator Studio App
Photo from Facebook

According to Facebook’s website, the Creator Studio app was designed to work along with Creator Studio desktop in order for creators and publishers to have access to these features:

  • Rich Insights. This feature allows creators and publishers to monitor their data and engagement metrics about how their content was performing, including 1-Minute Views and Average Minutes Viewed.
  • Post-Uploading Edits and Fixes. This feature allows creators and publishers to edit video titles and descriptions, remove and expire posts, publish draft as well as rescheduling scheduled posts, and apply content adjustments.
  • Connect with Audiences. This feature allows creators and publishers to reach their fans and followers in real-time.
  • Multi-Account Support. This feature allows creators and publishers to manage multiple pages on Facebook.
  • Notifications. This feature allows creators and publishers to view immediate in-app notifications for key milestones.

This app is now available via App Store for Apple users and Google Play Store for Android users.

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