Mineski Global, PCCL Inks Contract For Collegiate eSports

Mineski Global signed a contract with PCCL for collegiate eSports partnership.

Mineski Global signed a landmark contract with the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) to create an eSports program for colleges and universities.

This, as the signing of contract was held inside Mineski Global’s headquarters at Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan City. The goal of both parties was “to fast track the grassroots and school-based development program for esports.”

Photo from Mineski Website

According to Ronald Robins, a CEO and founder of Mineski Global, both parties were mindful of their responsibility “to promote positive values through esports and games.”, adding that eSports “should be accorded the same treatment as regular sports.” For PCCL, chairman Reynaldo D. Gamboa said that the inclusion of electronic sports, or eSports, was “an eye-opener” as Filipino student-athletes “performed well against the best gamers in the region.”

In addition, Gamboa said that eSports was “another field in sports” wherein Filipinos can outshine and can win honors for the Philippines in different international competitions.

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