Cops Create Improvised Face Shields Due To Shortage of Protective Gears

Inspiring Photos of Cops Making Improvised Face Shields Due To Shortage of Protective Gears Circulate Online

The inspiring photos of police officers making improvised face shields due to the shortage of personal protective equipment circulate online.

Over the past few days, the Filipino people have started panic-buying of medical supplies including alcohol, face masks, and disinfectants due to the rampant spread of the new coronavirus disease.

The panic buying causes a shortage of medical equipment and protective gear after hoarders buy in-bulk. The hoarders resell it on social media for a higher price despite the health crisis in the country.

Improvised Face Shields

Recently, the Facebook page “Manila Bulletin” has shared the photos of several police officers making improvised protective gear against the coronavirus disease. The photos capture the attention of the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that the personnel from the PNP-Regional Public Information Office 8, headed by PLtCol. Bella Rentuaya were making improvised face shields. The improvised PPEs will be distributed to the front liners experiencing a shortage of face masks, alcohol, and gloves.

Improvised Face Shields Improvised Face Shields Improvised Face Shields

The social media users expressed their reactions to the photos:

These police officers prove that the faith in humanity is restored and caring for others is possible despite lack of financial assistance.

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