JUST IN: President of Wuhan Hospital Dies of New Coronavirus in China

President of Wuhan Hospital in China Died Due To New Coronavirus

PRESIDENT OF WUHAN HOSPITAL – The director of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital in China died due to the new coronavirus.

More than a thousand of lives were lost in China due to the new coronavirus that allegedly came from bats. It is suspected that the outbreak started from a bat soup served in Wuhan but it has yet to be confirmed.

The disease was first recorded in Wuhan City in the province of Hubei. Currently, the city is under a lock-down due to the increasing cases of coronavirus.

More than 60,000 people in China were infected by the new coronavirus. The list includes medical experts like doctors and nurses who contracted the disease while treating the patients.

President of Wuhan Hospital Dies of New Coronavirus

Based on a recent report in China Daily, another authority in the medical field lost his life due to the new coronavirus. The patient is a president in Wuhan hospital.

Liu Zhiming, the head of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital which is a high-level hospital in the city, passed away at 10:30 am today. Citing media reports in Wuhan, he is a leading personality with regards to neurosurgery.

Based on the report, Wuhan Wuchang Hospital is one of the seven (7) hospitals that were assigned for the treatment of people infected with coronavirus.

Reportedly, there were already six (6) medical personnel who died of coronavirus in China. The National Health Commission also recorded a total of 1,716 coronavirus-infected medical staff.

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